September 22, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio – DigitalPD, a leading provider of innovative solutions for law enforcement agencies, is pleased to announce a series of groundbreaking Law Enforcement Career Expos scheduled to take place across the entire country. These career expos are designed to bridge the gap between police departments and qualified applicants, offering a targeted environment for recruitment that is far more effective than traditional job expos. Combined with their development of recruiting specific websites and dynamic digital first career board, DigitalPD aims to modernize the recruitment process and help law enforcement agencies effectively connect with millennial and Gen-Z applicants.

With the increasing demand for law enforcement professionals and the need for efficient hiring processes, DigitalPD’s Law Enforcement Career Expos present a unique opportunity for police departments to connect with prospective candidates who possess the skills, qualifications, and desire to serve for a successful career in law enforcement.

“We recognize the challenges faced by police departments when it comes to finding suitable candidates in a competitive job market,” said Nick Manzo of DigitalPD. “Our Law Enforcement Career Expos provide a focused platform where departments can showcase their opportunities and engage with qualified applicants who are genuinely interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement.”

DigitalPD’s career expos offer numerous benefits to both police departments and job seekers. Police departments can take advantage of the targeted nature of these events, enabling them to maximize their recruitment efforts and identify the most qualified individuals for their specific needs. Additionally, the career expos provide a unique opportunity for candidates to interact directly with representatives from police departments, gaining insights into the job requirements, department culture, and growth opportunities available.

To ensure the widest reach and accessibility, DigitalPD has scheduled law enforcement career expos in multiple cities across the country. The complete tour schedule can be found at However, due to limited space and high demand, police departments are strongly encouraged to register early to secure their participation. While every effort will be made to accommodate all hiring police departments, space is limited, and early registration is crucial to guarantee participation.

Police departments attending DigitalPD’s Law Enforcement Career Expos will have the opportunity to meet and evaluate qualified candidates, conduct interviews, and discuss potential career paths within their respective agencies. Candidates attending these career expos will gain invaluable insights into the law enforcement profession, connect with representatives from various police departments, and potentially secure their dream job.

DigitalPD’s Law Enforcement Career Expos have already garnered attention and enthusiasm from police departments nationwide, with many expressing their eagerness to participate in these events.

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DigitalPD is a leading provider of cutting-edge solutions for law enforcement agencies. Committed to enhancing recruitment and training processes in the law enforcement industry, DigitalPD offers innovative tools and resources that enable police departments to attract, assess, and develop qualified candidates. With a focus on leveraging technology and data-driven approaches, DigitalPD empowers law enforcement agencies to build capable and diverse teams capable of meeting the ever-evolving challenges of modern policing.

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