July 23, 2024

T-Mobile and Dialpad continue to bring together the power of T-Mobile’s 5G network and Dialpad’s cutting-edge AI-enabled solutions.

Dialpad, Inc., the leading Ai-Powered Customer Intelligence Platform, in partnership with T-Mobile (NASDAQ: TMUS), announced today the general release of Ai Recaps and a three-year extension of the exclusive partnership between the two companies

Communication solutions are vital for any business — but they can be a real pain. Legacy PBX phone systems can be expensive and difficult to implement. And even though reliability is key, businesses can still deal with dropped calls and laggy video. In a digital-first world with AI and 5G, communication solutions should be a breeze, not a burden. They should help businesses communicate better, close more deals and ultimately increase revenue!


That’s where T-Mobile and Dialpad come in. Starting today, Dialpad and Dialpad from T-Mobile business customers using Dialpad get new AI-enabled features, including Ai Recaps — delivered with 100% uptime service level agreements (SLAs) — on America’s most awarded 5G network. Ai Recaps is developed on Dialpad’s proprietary DialpadGPT— a large language model (LLM) specifically designed for business conversations. Ai Recaps leverages over six billion minutes of Dialpad’s proprietary conversational data to provide precise, customized insights. This launch is a game-changer for business communication, all thanks to Dialpad’s advanced technology teaming up with T-Mobile, America’s largest and fastest 5G network.

Since announcing their strategic partnership in 2021, Dialpad and T-Mobile have been exploring new technologies to help customers transform their businesses with cutting-edge communication solutions. That’s why, in addition to partnering on AI innovation, Dialpad is part of T-Mobile’s unique 5G Network Slicing Beta, which is aimed at significantly improving video calling experiences.

“Ai Recaps isn’t just a feature; it’s a step toward making AI a tangible reality for businesses and the modern workforce,” said Craig Walker, CEO & Founder of Dialpad. “It revolutionizes professional interactions, ensuring that every critical insight is captured with actionable summaries on every call and meeting. This collaboration is a clear indication of our unwavering resolve to bring AI’s potential to life, continually innovating and refining our solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our customers.”

Since Dialpad launched its Early Adopter Program (EAP) for Ai Recaps earlier this year, the company has generated Ai Recaps for over 50 million calls and meetings. Ai Recaps has already revolutionized the way professionals work, reducing call review and notetaking time while more accurately identifying the next steps from conversations.

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AI-Enabled Customer Communications


As Dialpad’s exclusive operating partner in the U.S., T-Mobile is able to offer business customers Dialpad’s full suite of AI-enabled benefits. With today’s general release comes an expansion of those benefits with new features including:

  • Auto-Save to CRM: Sales professionals can now seamlessly integrate summaries into customer relationship management records, helping keep track of interactions and reducing record-keeping time.
  • Easy Sharing and Request to Share: Users can quickly share or request summaries for any call or meeting to better collaborate and prepare for improved interactions.
  • Customizable Summaries: With Ai Recaps, customers can now customize their summary preferences, selecting either bullet points or full sentences, and adjusting the length to either brief or detailed.
  • Easy Read Transcripts: Call transcripts now automatically remove filler words with improved grammar and punctuation for enhanced readability.
  • Scheduling Assistance: With context-based suggestions and follow-up actions, users can efficiently plan future events following a conversation.

Van Horn Automotive Group has utilized Dialpad’s Ai products on T-Mobile’s network to improve employee training effectiveness by 20% and has since added Ai Recaps to its tech stack to further improve business functionality. Its use of Dialpad marked a strategic move to empower its teams with tools that could keep pace with its dynamic business needs. With Ai Recaps, Van Horn employees are able to cut down significantly on note-taking time during meetings, helping them focus on what they do best – automotive excellence and great customer service.

“T-Mobile and Dialpad have been committed to bringing cutting-edge voice, video messaging and collaboration services to businesses in any industry,” said Mishka Dehghan, SVP, Strategy, Product, and Solutions Engineering, T-Mobile Business Group. “By bringing together T-Mobile’s leading 5G network and Dialpad’s new AI suite, we’re helping businesses work smarter and close deals faster through real-time insights from every customer interaction.”

A part of Dialpad’s 12 Months of Ai, an initiative adding new Ai-powered features to its Customer Intelligence Platform every month, Ai Recaps is one of many strategic Ai investments the company has made in the past year. Dedicating $50M to Dialpad Ai Labs and the launch of new features, Dialpad has upgraded and released products such as Ai CSAT, Ai Scorecards, Ai Playbooks, Ai Coaching Hub and PII Redaction to further provide real-time support for sales, customer service, and team collaboration.

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Dialpad and T-Mobile Elevate Business Communications with Launch of Ai Recaps and Partnership Extension first appeared on Web and IT News.

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