July 15, 2024
DDPAI’s Mini5 4K Dash Cam Offers a Wide 140-Degree Field of View for Comprehensive Coverage 2
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DDPAI, a leading provider of high-quality dash cameras, has announced the launch of its latest product, the Mini5 4K Dash Cam. The Mini5 4K Dash Cam is the best 4K dash cam for

car surveillance, offering exceptional video quality and a range of advanced features. The Mini5 4K Dash Cam is a high-quality dash camera with exceptional video quality and advanced features. With its advanced 4K resolution, the Mini5 captures incredibly clear footage of the road ahead, ensuring drivers can easily see important details like license plates and road signs.

DDPAI’s new dash cameras for cars can record in 4K at 30 fps, which means that they can capture every detail of the road ahead. Drivers can easily see important things like street signs, traffic lights, and license plates on passing vehicles. The camera also records footage in 1080p at 60 fps and 720p at 120 fps. These frame rates allow drivers to slow down the fast motion and make out smaller details like a person’s face or a vehicle’s license plate number.

The Mini5 offers an incredible 140-degree field of view (FOV), ensuring that drivers can see what’s happening all around their vehicles. This feature is especially useful in cities where lanes can be narrow, and it’s easy to be blindsided by other cars while turning. In addition to its high-resolution camera, the Mini5 provides drivers with additional security features. Built-in G-sensors ensure that footage is automatically stored if an impact is detected, providing extra protection for drivers. A built-in GPS module makes tracking your vehicle’s location and speed easy, while a unique “lock file” feature lets you manually protect any footage you don’t want to be overwritten by new footage.

“The staff is friendly and ready to help you when you have any questions about the products. They work with you until your concerns are addressed. They can help with installation, maintenance, and repair of car cameras, dash cams, and truck cameras. I recommend DDPAI to anyone who needs a new car surveillance camera or wants to upgrade the old ones.” Said a customer.

In addition to recording 4K video, the Mini5 is a night vision dash cam. It can be mounted in seconds and stays hidden behind the rearview mirror while not recording. It records clear 1080p footage during the day and crisp 2K footage at night to help drivers capture details they might otherwise miss at night.


DDPAI is a vehicle cameras specialist. It provides the best quality night vision and daytime cameras. It is an innovative company that places customer satisfaction as its top priority. DDPAi’s vehicle cameras are unique in that they do not require the driver to look at a screen or push a button to record an event. The system will automatically detect a crash and start recording once an impact is detected. It will also provide visual and audible warnings to inform users of an emergency situation while driving. For more information, please visit https://store.DDPAI.com/products/mini5-4k-dashcam.

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DDPAI’s Mini5 4K Dash Cam Offers a Wide 140-Degree Field of View for Comprehensive Coverage first appeared on Web and IT News.

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