June 18, 2024

One of the century’s most talented Ballroom and Latin dancers, known for his elegance and unparalleled artistry, Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong has captured the hearts of fans and dance enthusiasts across the globe. Having won the National Professional Latin Title in the USA, Kelvin’s journey from a young dreamer to a dance champion is a testament to determination, passion, and an unwavering commitment to dance.

Hailing originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Kelvin has now moved to the US, bringing himself and his unique dancing style to audiences across America. Talking to our interviewer, Kelvin discusses his recent success in the National Professional Latin Title in the USA, his dance journey so far, and his future plans.


Interviewer: First and foremost, congratulations on your win as the National Professional Latin Title in the USA. How has your experience been in the US so far?

Kelvin Ong: This is the second time I’ve changed countries to further my dancing growth, but starting from scratch in a new place is always challenging. Performing first time in front of an American audience was scary, but I was confident that I’d bring the best of what I have to offer. 

Winning the National Professional Latin Title in the USA was truly exceptional; although unfamiliar with my dancing style, I saw people enjoying my performances, and they absolutely loved it. I felt extremely appreciated, especially listening to my name chanted by the audience was a dream come true.

Interviewer: So Kevin, what made you choose Dancing as a profession?

Kelvin Ong: Since early childhood, I have had a passion and love for dancing. I used to watch YouTube videos at home and tried copying the dance steps and routines. My love transformed into reality when my sister’s friend offered promotional dance classes for beginners, I grabbed the opportunity with both hands. Soon after getting my Bachelor’s degree in Economics, I was faced with a life-turning question of whether to pursue my passion or get stuck in a 9 to 5 corporate setup, blaming myself for not trying. Thanks to God, I chose the prior.

Interviewer: Was everyone in your family supportive of your dancing? How did they react when you won the National Professional Latin Title in the USA?

Kelvin Ong:  I come from a very conventional Chinese home that faced tough financial situations when we were growing up. So learning to dance until 16 was very problematic until my sister helped me get access to my first dance classes. My parents were okay with me learning to dance as long as I completed my graduation. 

They were extremely happy for me when I won the National Professional Latin Title in the USA. They knew how much this meant to me and my future. I will always be thankful to my family for supporting me throughout my journey. 

Interviewer: You got me a bit emotional there. So, how and when did you enter the professional Dancing scene?

Kelvin Ong:  Soon after completing my training with one of Malaysia’s esteemed dance institutes, William and Luisa Danceworld, I took the bold step of moving to Bangkok, Thailand, to train under the legendary Mr.Uapan Snidvongs. Being the World Dance Organization Advisor in Thailand Association, Mr. Snidvongs was the perfect choice for me to take the next step in my professional career.

Under his training, my partner Masha Kozobrod and I competed in championships across Asia and won the Thailand Professional Latin Champion and Asia Pacific Professional Latin Champion within 3 years of training.

Interviewer: Do you have certain training routines and techniques that you have found useful across your career?

Kelvin Ong: To be honest, training routines and schedules should be tailored to what best fits your needs. When I began my journey, I used to train for more than 10 hours a day, perfecting my moves and expression whilst understanding my body. But I must say that relaxing your body and giving it the rest it requires is equally important.


Another thing that has really helped me has been regularly participating in competitions. This not only increases the confidence of one’s self but also prepares you to be ready for anything.

Interviewer: Thank you so much for the interview, Kelvin. On the ending note, share your plans and a message for the young dancers and your fans; looking to hearing from you eagerly. 

Kelvin Ong:  I thank you for the opportunity to share my story and experience today. Using this interview, I would like to share that I will soon open my own studio to train the next best generation of Ballroom and Latin Dancers. Through this, I want to give back to the art form, keeping it alive and updated; that’s the least I can do in return.

To my fellow dancers, I want to say,  Keep on Dancing, follow your instinct, and establish a unique style for yourself.

After many years of hard work and dedication, Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong has made left an indelible mark on the dancing industry. His unwavering commitment and love for dancing are testified by his plans to guide & train upcoming dancers to become stars of the future through the establishment of his very own dance studio. Fans and admirers are urged to follow Kelvin on all social media platforms to keep posted on daily updates on his new dance studio.

For more details, connect with Kelvin Ong Chun Hoong on Social Media:

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