July 25, 2024
Crafted in unique Stair Step style, “I Want to Know You & Love You (Forever)” highlights a nostalgic, old-school appeal, which is rare to find otherwise

Jime James Hockaday is a promising star in a distinctive musical arena. The Soul and R&B artist has curated his own musical ethos, which continues to shine through with the release of his new single, “I Want to Know You & Love You (Forever).” A magical, exciting, and stirring experience for audiences, the new single showcases the artist’s wide-ranging talents and positions him in the Stair Steps and Delfonics world as an artist who is unrivalled.


The new single released on the artist’s official music platforms on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, YouTube, and marks the latest foray by the All-Star Records front man.

Laying forth the splendid return of Hockaday’s Stair Step Band, “I Want to Know You & Love You (Forever)” is a single which stands out in its smooth, dulcet vocals and a charming, melodic delivery. Set to drop for audiences on April 6th, 2023, the soul-stirring single was inspired by the former Lead Singer of The Delfonics – William (Poogie) Hart and former singer of The 5-Stair Steps, alongside Clerence Burke.

Hockaday notes how his music is a culmination of influences from the legendary and inspirational Burke and Hart, ‘coming in Spirit in the recording studio and coming to a guy who normally only plays bass music.’

“I was mainly inspired by these two icons who have passed away, Poogie, known as the Godfather of Fascetto and Clerence Burke of Stair Step, known as The Crooner,” says the artist of his motivations and artists who inspired him.

Download, stream, and buy Jimi James Hockaday’s new single, and follow the artist on social media for updates on new music and releases. Feel free to unearth the history of The Delfonics Family and The 5 Stair Steps by reaching out to the eclectic artist, as well as for future performance dates. Help Hockaday’s Invisible Man-Stair Steps Fan and Family History reach newer audiences!


Jime James Hockaday, is a veteran of many musical groups, including the likes of The 5 Stair Steps, The Invisible Man’s Band, The Defonics Family, and shining star of the All Star Records. Having toured numerous iconic settings through in the roles of a songwriter, bass player, singer, rapper, guitarist, and instrumentalist, Hockaday is an old school icon.

Hockaday brings an unparalleled experience and depth to the music genre which others can only dream about and has played and written extensively for various musical groups.


“I have music already on a Main Line Music. I have been involved in Music Business all my Life and I am currently involved with The Famous Group ,The Delfonics, & Jr. Walker & The All Stars,” says Hockaday regarding his journey with music.


Facebook: https://facebook.com/Callyjamed

Instagram: https://Instagram.com/Jamedcally

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Contact Person: Jime Jame Hockaday
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Phone: 800-983-1362
City: Las Vegas
State: California
Country: United States
Website: https://www.facebook.com/cally.jamed/

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Curated with Love, Soul, and R&B – All Star Records’ Influential Force Jime Jame Hockaday Presents New Single first appeared on Web and IT News.

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