July 23, 2024
Cryptoblox Technologies Strengthens Digital Mining Ambitions With Accretive Acquisition, Stock Rallies 71% In July ($CRYBF) 4
Cryptoblox Technologies Strengthens Digital Mining Ambitions With Accretive Acquisition, Stock Rallies 71% In July ($CRYBF)

Cryptoblox Technologies Inc. (OTC: CRYBF) (CSE: BLOX) stock could be a nanocap bargain at current levels. In fact, trading at about a penny a share on Monday could be a lotto-type stock pick for investors liking high-risk, high-reward investment propositions. Making this pick stand out from others in the penny stock landscape is CRYBF completing acquisitions that strengthen its digital mining services ambitions. Last week’s update helped support a recent bullish pattern in its stock, evidenced by an over 71% increase* in its share price since the start of July. (*share price change between July 1, 2023 – July 25, 2023, $0.0117 – $0.0199, Yahoo! Finance)

The July spike comes on the heels of accretive acquisitions. More importantly, the value inherent to them. Last Thursday, CRYBF announced that through the partnership between its wholly owned subsidiary, Red Water Acquisition Corp., and Lavrium LLC, Lavrium will apply its AI energy efficiency optimization algorithms to Redwater’s mining operations. CRYBF believes its contributions are timely to its opportunities, noting that Lavrium’s cutting-edge AI algorithms solve the digital token mining industry’s challenge to provide services while maximizing energy efficiency. By analyzing data transaction volumes, power usage effectiveness (PUE), and hash rates, Lavrium’s algorithms may check that box from its ability to predict optimal mining periods based on historical and real-time data.

Cryptoblox expects that value will facilitate Redwater to maximize its return on energy investment while significantly reducing operational costs. It’s a case where differences are advantages.

Differences Are Advantages

One of the key ones is Lavrium’s algorithms’ inherent ability to get smarter through machine learning. CRYBF points out that as the algorithms continuously learn and refine their predictions, they improve energy efficiency over time, resulting in more economical and environmentally friendly mining operations. The intent is to enhance Redwater’s profitability and, as significantly, contribute to a sustainable energy future. There’s no shortage of optimism about that potential.

CryptoBlox Interim CEO Taryn Stemp said, “Lavrium’s revolutionary AI energy efficiency optimization algorithms could prove to be a game-changer for the cryptocurrency mining industry. We are excited to partner with Lavrium to transform our mining operations and increase our efficiency.” The further expectation is that integrating Lavrium’s advanced AI technology into Redwater’s mining operations will drive significant improvements in energy efficiency and overall profitability. The update added that the implementation of these algorithms will be facilitated by True North Data Systems, a renowned data center solutions provider working in collaboration with Redwater.

Redwater is the likely value driver, noting that its accretive to a growing and diversified products and services arsenal allows CRYBF to more quickly capitalize on and monetize fintech block-chain services, block-chain battery technologies and applications, and specific digital asset mining market opportunities. The bullish sentiment is therefore warranted, with this newest asset marking a significant milestone in CRYBF’s plan to serve the fast-growing demand for cost-effective digital asset infrastructure in North America.

More than that, it facilitates CRYBF’s mission of developing a new way to mine assets, one they believe can alter the sector landscape.

Cleaner, More Efficient Digital Mining Solutions

That intent is being advanced by CRYBF staying focused on integrating its mining facilities into power generation facilities, using state-of-the-art operations techniques to achieve a high degree of financial optionality and long-term operational certainty, simultaneously delivering some of the world’s cleanest and lowest-cost mining operations. CRYBF’s ownership of Redwater can help reach that goal, leveraging their specialization in air-cooled data centers and advanced heat recapture products, perpetuating environmentally friendly practices that are more than efficient; they may also revolutionize the crypto mining sector through innovative technologies that reduce the industry’s carbon footprint.

The acquisition of Redwater, facilitated by True North Data Systems Ltd., acting on behalf of the site owner, an oil and gas producer, provides the unique ability to harness the natural gas associated with oil production that is currently being flared. Redwater plans to utilize this waste gas (flare) as a sustainable and cost-effective fuel source for its mining operations. By leveraging Redwater’s expertise, CRYBF expects it will create one of North America’s most environmentally friendly, state-of-the-art mining facilities. Considering the foundation it’s built on, that may very well be the case, noting the included design elements that prioritize efficiency and cost-effectiveness through air-cooled data centers and advanced heat recapture products that optimize energy consumption.

That plan is in motion. CRYBF announced that Redwater secured an advantageous gas supply agreement with the site owner, a deal expected to result in a 90.91% reduction in energy costs compared with average market rates reported by EPCOR’s Regulated Rate Option. Specifically, terms secure gas at a favorable rate of $0.015 per kilowatt-hour (kWh), significantly lower than the average market rate of $0.165 kWh, as reported by the RRO. This deal is more than a cost saver. It demonstrates CRYBF’s ability to create strategic partnerships that drive value and enhance long-term success.

Redwater Can Be A Game-Changer For CRYBF

That deal could be the first of many, resulting from CRYBF leveraging Redwood’s long-term gas supply agreement and site lease with True North Data Systems that enable the development of generation assets to power the mining operations at the site. In other words, there’s plenty of energy to sell. CRYBF noted that initially, Redwater would commission 0.5 to 1.0 MW of generation capacity and mining enclosures within the next 30 to 90 days. That lays the groundwork to facilitate installing 233 high-speed application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) units, which benefits CRYBF as part of the agreement.

There’s more to appreciate. Redwater, in collaboration with True North Data Systems, has noted plans to significantly expand its fuel generation and mining footprint over the next 18 to 24 months, with the goal of reaching a total capacity of 3 MW or more. If so, and with power to spare, Redwater can evaluate the possibility of providing peak demand capacity to the Alberta, Canada, grid, which would contribute to the stability and efficiency of the local energy infrastructure. 

On a value basis, the deal is transformative. For CRYBF, it signifies a milestone reached that can shift into high gear its intent to become a significant player in the digital asset mining sector. From an environmental perspective, it benefits the environment by incorporating innovative technologies and sustainable practices. That combination could attract additional strategic partnerships from industry players wanting superior mining solutions that minimize negative environmental impact.

Management Able To Maximize Opportunities

Of course, it takes an expert team to consistently capitalize on market opportunities. CRYBF checks that box. Strengthened its management team, CRYBF added Akshay Sood to its board of directors. He has extensive experience advising and incubating early-stage block-chain/Web3-based startups, with his resume highlighting success in helping develop high-growth startups within the block-chain industry. His expertise could further expedite CRYBF’s 2H/ 2023 agenda to create shareholder value. 

Significant strides have been made to accrue value. Based on the stock’s recent surge, investors are taking notice. Interest expands beyond them. With a better approach to mining, CRYBF is also attracting market participants and sector enthusiasts who all share the common interest of keeping the industry viable, especially as more headlines expose the environmental effects of current mining practices that utilize significant resources sometimes for little return on investment. Remember, while digital assets have been whipsawed in recent months, few argue against block-chain technology becoming engrained in global business activity. 


That reality puts CRYBF in the right sector at the right time, noting that block-chain’s value goes beyond its most common association with digital assets. It’s also invaluable to cyber security, risk assessment, traditional finance, and validating a transaction record. Those potentials provide significant opportunities, especially for companies seizing on better technologies to deliver a final block-chain product. Its value is already inspiring change in multiple industries, reshaping many parts of them by integrating new levels of efficiency, transparency, and security. Its applications are virtually limitless and benefit almost every party that understands and leverages its value. That’s driving the technology’s growth, ushering in new opportunities for small companies like CRYBF to attack its broad opportunities and serve niche applications. In either case, billions of dollars are spent to implement block-chains value. 

Moreover, as the industry matures, more opportunities will emerge, exposing the importance of positioning as an industry leader who leverages innovation to capitalize on the vast potential of evolving technology. CRYBF is earning that spot. And that’s good news for them and project developers and businesses embracing block-chain. This separating factor could be the difference between success and failure. 

Digital Assets Are The Focus

While the value of CRYBF extends to clients outside the digital token space, that segment is still a priority focus. That’s evidenced by the growing capitalization of market-linked digital assets, which utilize block-chain as a primary validating tool. These digital alternatives will likely be the long-term norm, noting they offer lower transaction fees and faster reach than traditional payment methods. That makes them increasingly attractive to businesses and individuals for cross-border transactions. Users also appreciate that they are decentralized. 

The decentralized nature of digital assets prevents regulatory restrictions on transactions, which has been the primary appeal since they came on the scene a decade ago. Wall Street is also in the game. Companies like Coinbase (NASDAQ: COIN) specifically serve the digital assets market. And they aren’t the only ones. Paypal (NASDAQ: PYPL) and Block (NYSE: BL) also embrace the advantages of a digital landscape. Of course, hundreds more companies are helping usher in the transformation, some heavily backed by venture capitalists wanting their share of an expected trillion-dollar market.

That means that while the industry is significant now, it’s likely to get exponentially larger. In fact, reports support that it’s not if but when that change entirely happens. Published estimates peg growth at a CAGR of 87.1% from 2022 to 2030. That expansion is fueled by venture capitalists, block-chain as an investment tool, and the widespread adoption of block-chain solutions for banking and cybersecurity. Savvy companies are already using block-chain in some form for smart contracts, payments, and digital identities. And while governments often speak badly about digital assets and block-chain, many are quietly working to create their own digital assets to become a cashless society. 

CRYBF Is Feeding The Bulls

That can only happen with infrastructure. And that need feeds the premise that CRYBF is in the right sector with the right tools at the right time. Moreover, it supports that while its 71% July rally is impressive, it may be the precursor to more gains. After all, innovation is the primary growth driver to penetrate evolving sectors, and the digital mining sector is no exception. 

In fact, innovation, especially that which overcomes current challenges, is an inclusive referendum. In other words, size doesn’t matter; the value of thinking outside the norms does. CRYBF checks that box. And despite its nanocap size, it could enjoy playing on a level playing field from a uniqueness that takes advantage of technology that is more efficient than current. 

Thus, despite its recent run, current share prices may present an investment opportunity worthy of consideration. High risk, high reward for sure. But the latter could be exponential in an industry where billions are at stake.



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