July 12, 2024
Confidential Computing Market Size, Share with Focus on Emerging Technologies, Top Countries Data, Top Key Players Update, and Forecast 2028 6
Confidential Computing Market Size, Share with Focus on Emerging Technologies, Top Countries Data, Top Key Players Update, and Forecast 2028
Microsoft (US), IBM (US), Intel (US), Google (US), AMD (US), Fortanix (US), AWS (US), Arm (UK), Alibaba Cloud (China), Swisscom (Switzerland), OVHcloud (France), pheonixNAP (US), AMI (Georgia), Applied Blockchain (UK), R3 (US), Decentriq (Switzerland), Hub Security (Israel), Edgeless Systems (Germany), Cysec (Switzerland), and Tresorit (Switzerland).
Confidential Computing Market by Component (Hardware, Software, Services), Application (Data Security, Secure Enclaves, Pellucidity Between Users), Deployment Mode, Vertical (Retail & Consumer Goods, BFSI) and Region – Global Forecast to 2028

The Confidential Computing Market size is expected to grow from USD 5.3 billion in 2023 to USD 59.4 billion by 2028 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 62.1% during the forecast period. Confidential computing focuses on software and hardware-based security and ensures data is secured and encrypted against risks such as malicious insiders, network vulnerabilities or any threat to hardware- or software-based technology that could be compromised. Confidential computing applications include data security, secure enclaves, pellucidity between users, and other applications which include blockchain applications with enhanced record privacy and code integrity, privacy-preserving advertising technology, and confidential databases.

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Software segment to capture a large market share during the forecast period

The confidential computing market, by component, includes hardware, software, and services. The software segment is projected to lead the market Confidential computing software manages the memory resources within secure enclaves to ensure isolation and protection of data as it provides mechanisms to allocate, manage, and encrypt memory regions associated with enclaves, preventing unauthorized access or tampering. Software components also enable secure input and output operations within trusted execution environments. They provide APIs and libraries to handle secure communication channels, cryptographic protocols, and data encryption/decryption, ensuring sensitive data remains protected during input and output operations. Software libraries support cryptographic operations required for confidential computing, including encryption, decryption, key generation, and digital signatures and these libraries provide the necessary cryptographic algorithms and protocols to secure data and ensure the integrity and authenticity of computations.

Secure Enclaves to capture a second large market share during forecast period

The confidential computing market has been segmented on the basis of application into data security, secure enclaves, pellucidity between users, and other applications. The secure enclaves segment is expected to hold a second largest market share during the forecast period. A secure enclave is a hardware-based technology that creates a trusted TEE within a processor. It provides a secure and isolated area where sensitive data and computations can be processed with a high level of confidentiality and integrity. Secure enclaves create a boundary between the enclave and the rest of the system, isolating the enclave from the underlying operating system and other applications running on the same hardware. This isolation ensures that even privileged users or malicious software running on the system cannot access or tamper with the data and computations within the enclave. Secure enclaves provide trusted execution capabilities, meaning that the code and data within the enclave are executed in a secure and trusted manner. The integrity of the code and data is verified, and the enclave’s execution is protected from external manipulation. This ensures the computations performed within the enclave can be trusted and that the results are reliable.

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Major vendors in this market are based in North America and Asia Pacific.  Microsoft (US), IBM (US), Intel (US), Google (US), AMD (US), Fortanix (US), AWS (US), Arm (UK), Alibaba Cloud (China), Swisscom (Switzerland), are among a few leading players operating in the confidential computing market. These vendors can concentrate on forming fresh connections and partnerships. It will allow the business to increase its market share. These vendors benefit financially from opportunities to acquire significant high-tech companies. R&D expenditure has been consistently increasing due to their focus on high-growth and high-value opportunities in the form of innovations and cutting-edge technologies. These vendors have invested heavily in CAPEX to acquire more companies to strengthen their existing cognitive, cloud, and security capabilities.



IBM has a wide range of solution offerings in the confidential computing market. These solutions can handle all major business challenges with limited operational challenges. The company aims to expand its customer base through product portfolio expansion and enhancements. For instance, in June 2022, IBM has added new toolkits, enabling MacOS and iOs developers to experiment with Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE) to keep data protected and processed simultaneously. Later that month, they have also announced, a new FHE toolkit for Linux, bringing the two multiple linux distributions for IBM z and x86 architectures. IBM’s confidential computing solutions are designed to take advantage of hardware-based security features, such as secure enclaves and trusted execution environments, which provide a higher level of security than software-based approaches. IBM offers a comprehensive suite of confidential computing solutions, including hardware, software, and cloud-based offerings, which enables customers to choose the solution that best fits their needs and provides the highest level of security for their specific use cases.


Microsoft is one of the industry leaders in the world for software, particularly in confidential computing. It is both the largest Windows OS developer and the top cloud provider in the world. It provides paid cloud services via Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure. The business has gained widespread acclaim for its excellent goods. The company also produces high-quality office software solutions that are user-friendly, making them the favorite of many users. The company has a global network of distributors and co-branding with computer hardware manufacturers, giving it an unmatched depth of strategy and user base. Its Azure Confidential Computing allows customers to run applications in a secure, confidential environment. The service leverages hardware-based security features, such as Intel SGX enclaves, to protect data and code from unauthorized access or tampering. Azure Confidential Computing provides a range of products and services designed to address various use cases and industries. These includes Confidential VMs with Application Enclaves, Confidential VMs, Confidential containers, SQL Azure Always Encrypted, Trusted Launch, Azure confidential ledger, Microsoft Azure Attestation, Azure Key Vault M-HSM

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