July 23, 2024
In the first market of the year at Hong Kong FILMART 2024, over 22 million dollars in revenue is projected.

The Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), Ministry of Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Tourism and Sports, will bring together 27 leading companies along with the Thai Federation of Motion Pictures and Contents Associations and the Thai Association of Boys Love Content to represent the highest level of services and creativity at the Hong Kong International Film & TV Market 2024 (FILMART) in Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, from March 11th to 14th, 2024. This strategic move is designed to further bolster Thai content exports into the global market in alignment with the National Soft Power policy. With a commitment to facilitating trade negotiations, DITP projects revenue of over 22 million dollars.


Mr. Phusit Ratanakul Sereroengrit, Director-General of the DITP, stated, “Under the guidance of Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, the DITP remain dedicated to advancing cultural exports and nurturing creativity. We are committed to leveraging Thailand’s soft power into commercialisation, as outlined by the government’s National Soft Power Strategy. Among the 11 key soft power industries in Thailand, the film industry holds significant importance. The Ministry of Commerce aims to create opportunities and enhance the competitiveness of Thai business operators, positioning them as leading content producers in Asia and forming strong partnerships and business relationships to provide their services to the international entertainment industry.Furthermore, we are actively fostering collaborations with the international entertainment sector. With this vision, we are poised to expand markets and empower Thai business operators to excel on the global stage.”

This year, The DITP brings Thai entertainment business operators to participate in FILMART 2024, showcasing their potential and enhancing competitiveness to meet the demands of the global market. A total of 27 companies and 2 associations have been selected to join the event including 9 Film Production and Distribution companies as 1) Black Dragon Entertainment 2) De Warrenne Pictures 3) Film Frame Productions 4) GDH 559 5) Hollywood (Thailand) 6) Major Join Film 7) Night Edge Pictures Corporation 8) Sahamongkolfilm International 9) VelCurve, 10 Television Content and Formats companies as 1) 9Naa Production 2) Be on Cloud 3) Change2561 4) GMM TV 5) Halo Productions 6) Star Hunter Entertainment 7) Studio Wabi Sabi 8) Thai Broadcasting (Workpoint Group) 9) True CJ Creations 10) TV Thunder, 8 Production and Post Production Services companies as 1) Acts Studio 2) Benetone Films 3) Kantana Holdings 4) Locman2011 5) Retina Film Production 6) The Monk studio 7) The Studio Park (Thailand) 8) Yggdrazil Group

“Hong Kong FILMART is a globally significant film event and the largest content trading market in Asia, drawing professionals from the entertainment industry, film and TV buyers, and service providers each year. With no fewer than 7,000 participants expected for this year’s event, it plays a pivotal role in revenue generation and fostering industry growth worldwide.”

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The post Commerce – DITP Shows Continued Commitment to Supporting Thailand’s Film Industry first appeared on PressRelease.cc.

Commerce – DITP Shows Continued Commitment to Supporting Thailand’s Film Industry first appeared on Web and IT News.

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