July 15, 2024
Using AI to understand your data and visualize it

Columns Ai

Columns Ai is an AI-powered data analytics tool that helps you transform your data into visualization in a few minutes, no matter whether you work with Spreadsheets, CSV files, Notion, Airtable, or SQL databases, you can easily get data insights presented in stunning visual stories, by simply just connect your data. 

AI is powerful to understand your data, recommend visualizations and summarize your insights into narratives. You’re not required to have analytical skills to make beautiful visualizations ready for sharing.




ChatGPT is good at finding public data and also knows how to parse unstructured data. By integrating with ChatGPT, users can easily get visualizations through a simple “prompt” asking ChatGPT, or pasting some unstructured text for ChatGPT to parse it out.

You don’t need spent tons of effort to navigate through websites to find the data you need.

Neither you need to be an Excel master or a technical geek to process some copied text before making visualizations out of it.


Just type your question or paste your data copy at Columns ChatGPT.


Cheers! Enjoy the easiest way to visualize data!

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