July 21, 2024

Unlocking New Efficiencies: Empowering Collaboration and Operational Excellence Across the Business

Celigo, a leading integration platform as a service company (iPaaS), today announced its latest platform update for March 2024, featuring significant improvements in error management and enhanced GenAI capabilities within Celigo AI. These updates underscore Celigo’s commitment to optimizing integration processes, fostering collaboration between business and IT teams, and further cementing its leadership in driving digital transformation.

Revolutionary Error Management Enhancements

Central to the March 2024 platform update is a suite of advancements in error management designed to streamline operations and accelerate the resolution of errors. These enhancements enable a more efficient assignment of errors to specific team members, fostering rapid resolution and boosting system reliability. Additionally, the introduction of advanced filtering and notification management capabilities simplifies the monitoring and management of errors, facilitating a smoother collaboration between business and IT teams. This collaborative environment is crucial for organizations looking to speed up error resolution and maintain operational efficiency.


Celigo AI: Elevating GenAI Capabilities

Building on the strength of Celigo AI, the March 2024 update introduces significant GenAI enhancements aimed at simplifying integration tasks and empowering users with intelligent automation and decision-making tools. Key features include:

  • AI-Generated Filter Rules and Explanations: Streamlining the setup and ongoing maintenance of integrations.
  • Enhanced Support for Object and Object Array Fields in Auto-Mapper: Reducing manual mapping efforts and improving data integration accuracy.
  • AI-Powered SQL Query Generation for PostgreSQL and MySQL Connectors: Simplifying database operations and enhancing query efficiency.
  • AI-generated flow descriptions automate the documentation of all the steps in a flow making it easier to transfer knowledge among team members and enable teams to discover integration assets. This furthers the democratization of integrations while facilitating discoverability to foster reuse and speed up project delivery.

These GenAI enhancements are designed to improve the user experience, making complex integrations more manageable and accessible to a broader range of users.

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User Experience and Performance Improvements


The March 2024 release also focuses on enhancing the user experience, with improvements including persistent resource descriptions in Celigo AI and optimized keyboard shortcuts. These updates, combined with web app performance enhancements, ensure a more intuitive, accessible, and efficient platform experience for all users.

Expanded Connectivity with Prebuilt HTTP Connectors

To further support its mission of enabling seamless integration across diverse business applications, Celigo has expanded its offering of prebuilt HTTP connectors. This expansion enhances the platform’s connectivity and flexibility, making it easier for businesses to integrate a wide range of applications and services efficiently.

  • AI: Anthropic, Hugging Face, Jasper
  • DevOps: Arena PLM
  • eCommerce Operations: Arcadier, Clyde, NuOrder, Reverb, Salesforce B2C Commerce, Shopware, XCart, Corrigo Pro, Klarna, Wish
  • HR: Paycom
  • Marketing Operations: Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Pardot)
  • B2B Commerce: Pimberly, Salesforce B2B & D2C Commerce
  • Customer Support: Gladly

“This update streamlines the design and management of integrations through our latest GenAI enhancements. These improvements not only make the process more intuitive but also foster a more collaborative environment for error management. We’re excited to deliver these innovations that simplify complex tasks and enhance teamwork,” says Matt Graney, Chief Product Officer at Celigo.

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