June 14, 2024
Caroland Farms Wagyu is the largest 100% full-blood Wagyu farm in the Carolinas and is quickly gaining recognition across the country.

Wagyu beef is famous the world over as a buttery-flavored steak that is synonymous with luxury. As times change, Wagyu farms like Caroland Farms Wagyu make purchasing the transcendently marbled cuts easier for discerning meat lovers. As the largest 100% full-blood Wagyu farm in the Carolinas, Caroland Farms Wagyu is the go-to for restauranteurs, chefs, cattle farmers, and consumers.

Caroland Farms Wagyu firmly upholds the original Wagyu beginnings through its commitment to quality and sustainability. The well-established farm celebrates the phenomenal wagyu cattle species that dates up to 35,000 years ago, as documented by the American Wagyu Association.


With a rich history, Wagyu beef has become a favorite among meat lovers, but out of an estimated 40,000 Wagyu-influenced cattle in the US, less than 5,000 are full-blood Wagyu. Caroland Farms Wagyu gives customers confidence in the quality and purity of its 100% full-blood wagyu cattle that are raised naturally, free from hormones, and only using antibiotics as needed. The result of these efforts is a healthy, premium line of wagyu cattle that provide pure, tender, and flavorful beef.

“At Caroland Farms Wagyu, we are firmly committed to producing full-blood Wagyu, not cross-bred. We are vigilant in protecting and preserving the genetic lines to produce the highest quality of table beef in the world.”

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Over a decade ago, Bob Jordan established the Landrum, South Carolina-based farm. It was a return to his roots after years of travel, but he decided to bring a taste of his favorite beef from Japan to the Carolinas. Today, Caroland Farms Wagyu has gained recognition as the reliable source of full-blood farm-to-table Wagyu. Under the management of Matt Rainey, who is also an AWA Board Member, Caroland Farms Wagyu’s reputation for excellence extends far beyond the Carolinas and across the country.

Wagyu cattle, initially used in agriculture and known for their endurance, have become one of the world’s most sought-after types of beef. Since its establishment, Caroland Farms Wagyu has proved its knack for raising and providing the highest quality wagyu beef in the United States. With their 100% full-blood Wagyu cattle registered with AWA, Caroland Farms Wagyu ensures that all cattle are born, raised, and finished right on the farm. The farm’s full-blood Wagyu cattle are pasture-raised, with a unique feeding program to ensure a stress-free lifestyle for the animals, leading to the best marbling and flavor.

“We can demonstrate that our genetics have consistently produced the beef quality we demand and our customers expect,” says Rainey. “It’s been enjoyable to use our data and research to set new goals and produce the kind of premier quality, full-blood Wagyu we are producing.”


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Besides the taste, marbling, and flavor of Wagyu that attract meat lovers to the beef, Wagyu is also known to be healthy. The tender Wagyu beef has a higher mono-unsaturated to saturated fats ratio than any other beef. Wagyu beef has higher fatty acid levels, especially CLA, which has fewer adverse health effects on meat eaters. The stearic acid levels have minimal impact on cholesterol, and its rich, intertwined layers of fat throughout the muscle give it a marbleized look. Wagyu beef is simply unrivaled in overall taste, flavor, and health.

For more information on its 100% full-blood Wagyu beef, visit Caroland Farms Wagyu.

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