May 18, 2024

New Online Platform Enhances Email Deliverability and Accessibility for Marketers and Businesses

Campaign Cleaner, a groundbreaking online platform, has been officially launched to provide a comprehensive solution for optimizing email newsletters for enhanced delivery and accessibility. Tailored for marketers, businesses, and individuals, Campaign Cleaner is dedicated to improving the efficiency of email campaigns by tackling common issues that affect email deliverability and reader engagement.

Campaign Cleaner’s innovative approach enhances the quality of email newsletters by offering user-friendly tools that streamline the optimization process. Even those without extensive HTML skills can easily optimize their campaigns while adhering to the best practices for email deliverability.


Key Features of Campaign Cleaner Include:

Image Optimization: Campaign Cleaner automatically resizes images, converts them to email-friendly formats, hosts them on a fast global CDN, and updates campaign HTML for optimal performance.

Email Inbox Previews: The platform provides previews of optimized campaigns across commonly used email clients and devices, ensuring compatibility and readability.

AI Spam Trigger Detection: With advanced AI technology, Campaign Cleaner identifies spam trigger keywords to prevent emails from landing in the spam folder, enhancing deliverability.

Preheader Management: Campaign Cleaner manages campaign preheaders for optimal presentation, helping to grab the recipient’s attention.

Font Color Adjuster: The platform avoids bright or unusual colors that can trigger content filtering, ensuring a professional appearance.

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Blacklist Link Checker: Campaign Cleaner identifies and blocks suspicious links in emails, maintaining the integrity of your campaign.

ALT Tag Management: The platform ensures images convey messages even when they don’t load, enhancing accessibility.

Title Tag Management: Campaign Cleaner provides descriptive and engaging titles for email hyperlinks, improving click-through rates.

SpamAssassin Scoring: The platform obtains a spam score to evaluate and enhance email deliverability, helping you make necessary adjustments.

CSS Inliner: Campaign Cleaner inlines CSS directly into the email’s HTML code for consistent rendering across email clients.

Non-ASCII Character Replacement: The platform replaces non-ASCII characters to improve deliverability and ensure proper display.

HTML Sanitizer: Campaign Cleaner removes unsupported JavaScript and HTML tags for consistent display across email clients.

HTML Compression: The platform reduces email size for faster loading, improving the user experience.

Font-Size Adjuster: Campaign Cleaner avoids extremely small or large fonts that can trigger spam filters, maintaining readability.


Classes and IDs Removal: The platform reduces email size and spam filter triggers by removing unnecessary classes and IDs from the HTML code.

Punctuation and Caps Analysis: Campaign Cleaner avoids excessive punctuation and all caps to prevent spam flagging, maintaining professionalism.

Control & Non-Printable Character Removal: The platform improves email clarity, compatibility, security, and efficiency by removing control and non-printable characters.

Replace Diacritics Characters: Campaign Cleaner ensures the proper display of characters in all email clients by replacing diacritics characters.

HTML Comments Removal: The platform reduces file sizes and chances of triggering spam filters by removing HTML comments.

Unneeded CSS Removal: Campaign Cleaner reduces HTML file size for faster delivery by removing unneeded CSS.

Poor Delivery CDN Detection: The platform avoids CDNs often used by spammers, enhancing the reputation of your emails.

Oversized Image Detection: Campaign Cleaner reduces email size and improves deliverability by detecting and resizing oversized images.

Background Image Detection: The platform ensures the proper display of background images, maintaining the visual appeal of your emails.

Text To Image Analysis: Campaign Cleaner balances text and image ratio to avoid spam filters, ensuring a harmonious composition.

Broken Link Checker: The platform identifies broken links to prevent negative user experiences, maintaining the credibility of your campaign.

Text To Link Analysis: Campaign Cleaner maintains a healthy ratio of links to text to avoid spam filters, ensuring a natural flow of content.

“We’re excited to launch Campaign Cleaner to the market,” said Henry Timmes, Founder of Campaign Cleaner.

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