July 23, 2024
How technology changed the business industry

No one expected that the daily lives and routines of people and businesses would have drastically changed because of a global pandemic. Because of the Corona Virus and the new normal protocols and lockdowns, digital technologies have become the most reliable tools in this uncertain time. A lot of businesses have ventured in to online platforms in order to continue their transactions without risking their employees’ health in physical stores. Going digital is indeed the future and Business Tech Ninjas is leading the game.

Founded by Melodie Moore, Business Tech Ninjas is an Infusionsoft membership specialist to beat in the business industry. According to Melodie, “The concept of a client portal or membership site is still widely unknown but growing in popularity with COVID. It makes service and content delivery seamless for both the business and end-user.”


Business Tech Ninjas believe in the power of technology to transform businesses by making transactions and databases automated. This way, the energy business owners give to manually encoding everything can be used to uncover more opportunities for the business. With their team of experts, businesses and technology can come together to identify and create a winning strategy for scaling ease.

Business Tech Ninjas is focused on creating and improving membership sites through Memberium and becoming technology partners as an outsourced CTO to support business’s growth. Among other things, having membership sites can help leverage a business’s knowledge in the industry while creating a loyal customer base. Of course, the possibility of an increase in income is possible as well. If these benefits are intriguing enough, get a consultation with Business Tech Ninjas and start investing in the digital presence for businesses, whether big or small.

Aside from membership sites and client portals, Business Tech Ninjas also have recommended tools and are happy to provide assistance when it comes to analytics, communications, document storage, domain registration, e-mail marketing and automation, e-mail productivity, heat mapping software, hosting, meeting software, membership site software, productivity tools, and video hosting. Each of these tool sare guaranteed to assist businesses better in their day to day functions. Business Tech Ninjas acknowledges that there are already a lot of taskmasters in the industry, but they are specialists and leaders because of their long-term technology strategies. What sets them apart is their outlook on the future matched with their exceptional skills in tailor fitting technologies for businesses.

For more information, visit their website at https://www.businesstechninjas.com.

About Business Tech Ninjas


Business Tech Ninjas is a membership and client portal especially made for business. Founded by Melodie Moore, she works with a team across the world.

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Business Tech Ninjas: Leaders in Membership Sites and Client Portals first appeared on Web and IT News.

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