December 1, 2023
After successful co-productions and acclaimed roles, Nakai Mirtenbaum’s Anacrónica Productions ventures into the US, with a captivating docufiction on agrarian family life set to premiere at the end of 2023.

New York, NY – November 13, 2023 – Bolivian actor Nakai Mirtenbaum, renowned for his stellar performances in films like “Tu Me Manques” and “98 Segundos Sin Sombra,” has announced the official expansion of his production company, Anacrónica Productions, into the United States. Following collaborative successes such as “Alia’s Birth” with ArabQ Films in 2021, Mirtenbaum is gearing up to introduce the American audience to the rich storytelling and cinematic finesse that has marked his previous projects.

“From set of Quietud by Photographer Aiman Mimiko”

Abuelas, one of the eagerly anticipated projects scheduled for release by the end of 2023, takes a unique dive into agrarian family relationships in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Shot on location in 2022, the production is now in its final stages, with post-production talents like Caleb Short and composer Tom Richman attached. Mirtenbaum expresses his excitement, stating, “Abuelas is a passion project that delves into the heart of Bolivian culture, and we’re thrilled to bring this experience to a broader audience, especially in the dynamic film landscape of New York.”

Anacrónica’s latest endeavor, Llajua, is already generating buzz, with co-founder Quim del Rio and Nakai Mirtenbaum set to finalize pre-production in New York by 2024. This ambitious project, slated to feature Argentinian DP Santiago Mouriño, has been in the works for several years and is poised to start filming in Bolivia in 2024. Mirtenbaum adds, “Llajua is a testament to our commitment to powerful storytelling, and we’re excited to collaborate with talents like Mouriño to bring this vision to life.”

Founded by Nakai Mirtenbaum and Quim del Rio, Anacrónica Productions is a dynamic film production company dedicated to bringing diverse and compelling stories to the screen. With a focus on cultural narratives and innovative storytelling, Anacrónica has quickly become a beacon for creativity and cinematic excellence. The expansion to the US marks a significant milestone for the company, opening new doors for international collaborations and introducing audiences to the rich tapestry of Bolivian cinema.

As Anacrónica Productions sets its sights on the American film industry, Nakai Mirtenbaum and his team invite audiences to join them on this exciting journey. Stay tuned for the release of Abuelas at the end of 2023, and keep an eye out for updates on the pre-production of Llajua in 2024


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