July 15, 2024

One the most beneficial home services available to any homeowner is the home warranty. In a word, it is crucial money savor especially in these highly inflationary times. 

Says the professionals at Cinch Home Services, whether you’re a home seller, a new buyer, or a current homeowner, investing in a home warranty will provide you with financial peace of mind. That’s because a dependable home warranty will assist homeowners with avoiding unexpected expenses associated with everyday usage of home systems and appliances that will eventually breakdown.    


Even though purchasing a home warranty for as little as $30 per month seems like a no brainer, some homeowners still avoid it by mistakenly believing their home insurance will cover all home failures and breakdowns. This is an unfortunate reality. But this is also where marketing for home services becomes of the utmost importance. 

According to a new report by The Writing Studio, generally speaking, home service repair will include kitchen appliances, washer/dryer units, foundations, roofing, plus HVAC and electrical systems (but not stand-alone portable AC units). As expected, the expansion of digital marketing and influencing has altered how home services are marketing their businesses in the 2020s. 

This report will cover some of the best marketing practices and strategies.  

Defining Home Service Marketing

Home services marketing is exactly what it says it is. In other words, it is the process of marketing your business’ home services to a select and targeted ideal customer base. This includes but is not limited utilizing digital marketing tools like PPC (pay per click), SEO (search engine optimization), blogging, email marketing, influencing, social media marketing, and much more.  

The home services industry is said to be highly competitive, which means you need to be utilizing the right marketing strategies to put yourself in a position that targets your audience with distinctive value propositions and selling points. 

Your overall aim is for your home services business to be selected over your competition. Choosing the right marketing strategies will make all the difference in the world.  

Some Marketing Strategies that Work and Don’t Cost a Whole Lot:


Starting your own unique blog remains one of the most effective types of digital marketing for home service companies. There is no shortage of subjects to write about. For instance, if you wish to focus on appliance repair on a given day, you can write about what you need to do when your built-in microwave fails. 

All you need to do is Google “microwave no longer heating” and you see that the phrase comes up 5,000 times per month. The top results for the key-phrase are coming from blogs on the topic.   

By writing blogs around phases and questions your customers might be searching for, you can immediately provide them with the valuable information they require…perhaps desperately require. 

You can write about plumbing, heating, roofing, appliances, and just about anything having to do with home services. If you can’t write, then hire a professional to do it for you, and who knows how to effectively utilize SEO. 


Keep the blogs short, pithy, and to the point. 

Use Local SEO

Says The Writing Studio, just about 50 percent of all Google searches are coming from users who are seeking out local information. Examples include, “Plumbers near me,” or “plumber in Denver.” 

Optimizing your company website for local searches is what’s known as “local SEO” in marketing circles. It’s not nearly as complicated as it sounds but it’s one of the most important aspects of a top-notch marketing strategy since home services are always in-person-based, and localized.  

You can work with My Google Business to gather up citations and reviews, plus garner local keywords that will lead online traffic to your company. Still sound too complicated? You can hire an influencer or professional marketer to do this for you.  


Another effective way to get your home services discovered on search engines is to run some PPC ads on Facebook, for example. Pay per click ads will assist you with appearing at the very top of the Google search results. This way, customers can find you quickly once they search the web using specific keywords which you bid on. 

You need to set a budget for your PPC ads if you’re using the Facebook ads platform, since you can end up spending a lot of money you don’t have. But the more geographically and demographically accurate your ad campaigns are, the better you will do. Ultimately you need to realize an ROI (return on investment) that’s in the black.    

There seems to be no limit to the variety of marketing you can do for your home services business. Aside from the methods just explained above, there’s social media marketing, YouTube videos, Instagram shorts, funny TikTok videos, and more. 

Again, if you don’t feel you have the time and know-how to do the marketing for your home services business, there are plenty of professionals located right in your community who can do them for you (some of them might still be in college). Just Google “Home services marketing professionals near me.” 

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