July 11, 2024

RALEIGH – Verizon is upping the stakes in its bet to be the top wireless internet provider for homes and businesses by delivering faster speeds through its recently upgraded network.

The wireless giant on Monday says the latest technology (5G) is now available across much of North Carolina with speeds up to 400 megabytes per second speed. Other providers – AT&T (up to 100 mbps), T-Mobile (up to 25 mbps +), Spectrum (speeds vary) among them – also offer similar services.

Verizon says its 5G network upgrades to full spectrum capabilities are complete four months earlier than planned, increasing speeds and coverage areas. The network won the additional spectrum in 2021 from the FCC for more than $59 billion.

Comparing plans, speeds

Prices start at $69 a month for 100 mbps, $99 for 200 mbps and $199 for 400 mbps. (Prices begin at $49 monthly at Spectrum, $50 at T-Mobile, $60 at AT&T).

How does the wireless broadband compare to fiber optic land-line connectivity? Google Fiber, for example, charges $70 a month for one gigabit per second access. Other service providers’ services vary in speed and cost. (1,000 mbps equals one gigabit.)

“This additional spectrum will make 5G Ultra Wideband available to even more Americans, and will open up more availability of our home and business broadband solutions,” said Joe Russo, president of Global Networks and Technology for Verizon, in the announcement. “The more spectrum we deploy on our network, the more capacity we add for our customers to connect.”

Need to know

Here are some important points to note, according to a spokesperson for Verizon who responded to questions from WRAL TechWire.

  • You do not have to be a Verizon wireless customer to sign up for the service.
  • However, Verizon wireless customers do get a discount.
  • You can use the wireless internet for phone calls via voice over internet protocol (VOIP) that may be available through your home internet provider
  • There are no data cap fees
  • Verizon will provide the needed in-home box for the service

Verizon says it had 2.3 million fixed wireless access subscribers as of June 30.

For data about the performance of wireless internet providers, see the website RootMetrics.

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The post Battle for high-speed wireless internet heats up with Verizon’s network boost first appeared on WRAL TechWire.

Battle for high-speed wireless internet heats up with Verizon’s network boost first appeared on Web and IT News.

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