July 23, 2024

It is no secret that the E-Biking community has grown substantially since 2019, cementing electric bikes as a common sight in most major cities. With more and more people looking for healthier, more sustainable mobility alternatives, Bandit Bikes has emerged as a new company that aims to challenge the status quo and push new boundaries in electric bike design, capability, and affordability. 

Bandit Bikes was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who wanted to create an electric bike company that appeals to a new and growing niche of health, price, and carbon-conscious individuals. Leading the team at Bandit is CEO and founder Richard Cao, a serial entrepreneur who previously founded an electric scooter sharing startup in Canada. “Seeing how much people enjoyed themselves on our scooters was really inspiring for me” Cao recalls. “With Bandit we want to focus on the basics and make E-Bikes more accessible and desirable in terms of design, engineering, and pricing.” So far, Bandit has been able to acquire funding from various investors, including venture capital firms and angel investors. 


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Bandit is already making strides toward their vision with several lines set to be released in mid-2023. One such model is the dual motor, dual battery, and dual suspension X-Trail Pro (MRSP: $2,699.00), a statement of intent from the company. “We want to offer way more for way less,” Cao said when asked about the X-Trail Pro. “The idea behind this bike was to design something that challenges the convention of what an E-Bike is and how E-Bikes are being used today.” 

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“With the X-Trail Pro, we set out with the intent to create something unique and remarkable”, says Cao. Boasting a 500W front motor and 750W rear motor, the X-Trail Pro has unparalleled hill climbing capabilities within its class. With a top speed of 42 mph and a max range of 80 miles, it offers a rare combination of speed and performance that lets it stand out from the crowd. 

Cao had this to say when asked about his vision for the future of the E-Bike industry: “I think that there’s tremendous potential in this market and that there’s a growing mainstream demand for E-Bikes. We’re definitely seeing a gradual shift towards sustainable transportation and we’re thrilled to be able to play our part in making this happen.”


Looking ahead, Bandit E-Bikes has ambitious plans to continue expanding their reach and offering. They plan to launch a wide range of new bikes in the coming months, as well as open up new stores across the US. Additionally, they are looking to develop new technologies to further enhance the user experience. Bandit E-Bikes is revolutionizing urban mobility with their innovative electric bikes. With their experienced leadership team and ambitious plans for the future, Bandit E-Bikes is poised for continued success and growth. 

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