June 18, 2024
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The music industry can be tough to break into, and while some artists have the necessary support to succeed, many talented musicians struggle to get started. Answar Malik Livingston, also known as 00Sven, is a self-made artist in the country rap scene. Despite growing up in foster care and experiencing setbacks, 00Sven has released unique and relatable music that has garnered over 60,000 streams. He hopes to become an influential figure in the music industry and inspire others.

Though the music scene has received some of the best talents the world has to offer, there is no doubt that there are millions of musical talents we will never get to know or listen to. This is because establishing a thriving music career can be one of the most challenging hurdles to face and overcome. You must raise studio money, refine your craft, and publish your music. Unfortunately, only some artists have the much-needed support to get them started. Some artists, such as Answar Malik Livingston, have to build their careers from the bottom, struggling to get everyone to believe in their talent.


Answar Malik Livingston popularly known as 00Sven is an upcoming artist in the country rap music scene. He is an incredibly gifted creative and one of the few black artists making great country rap music. 00Sven stands out with his unique and out-of-the-ordinary singles, thrilling thousands. Two years into his career, 00Sven’s music is taking over the airwaves gathering over 60000 streams across the board. “I don’t just make songs that you can party to; I make music that anyone can relate to and songs that make you think,” he says.

Like most artists, 00Sven shares a unique story of grit and undying resilience to realize his dreams. He is a self-made artist who struggled from nothing to be a relatable musician. 00Sven grew up in a foster cater moving to 23 different foster homes. “I moved out at 13, got an apartment and a job while in high school just to survive,” he adds. 00Sven later joined the military at 17, where he broke his back two and half years in his first deployment and was honorably discharged.

Since then, 00Sven has been to 39 states, working and connecting with people who helped him realize and nurture his passion for music. His ambition is to become an indispensable fixture in the music and fashion industries, leaving an indelible mark on the millions of minds sharing his worldview. 00Sven also aspires to share his experiences and wisdom to inspire others to face and overcome their fears.

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Company Name: 00Sven
Contact Person: Answar Livingston
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Phone: (509)763-9020
Country: United States
Website: https://www.instagram.com/00svenofficiall/


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An Inside Look into Answar Malik Livingston’s Incredible Music Journey first appeared on Web and IT News.

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