July 23, 2024

Advertising technology startup Aditude unveils Insights reporting and analytics

Aditude marks another milestone in its dedication to empowering publishers with the launch of Insights, a crucial component of its publisher-focused advertising technology suite. Since its inception, Aditude has remained committed to enabling publishers to achieve their monetization objectives and expand their businesses through innovative technological solutions tailored to their needs.

In 2023, Aditude celebrated a banner year, earning a coveted position in the top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list and securing $15M in Series A financing. Building on this success, 2024 has seen Aditude successfully roll out the Insights platform and expand into the UK and Canada.


The Insights platform seamlessly integrates with Aditude’s Cloud Wrapper and Cloud Layout offerings, forming the cornerstone of its publisher technology solutions. Previously, robust business intelligence tools like this were either absent or lacked the necessary sophistication for publishers.

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This changes with Aditude’s Insights, which offers real-time connections, over 20 dimensions/filters, an alerting notification system, and a comprehensive product roadmap. Such in-depth analysis goes beyond the capabilities of traditional spreadsheets, empowering publisher ad ops teams to glean insights and optimize strategies in real-time.

Insights lays the foundation for publishers to scale their monetization efforts. Unifying ad revenue data that used to live in silos across the organization. Publishers now have the capability to address their most significant and complex monetization inquiries while accessing their data conveniently in a single location.

Quote from Erik Omlid, CTO of Aditude Inc.:


“We’re in an unprecedented era of growth for Aditude and Insights continues to unlock more and more value for publishers. Publishers that are growing in this market are incredibly data-driven, they want to know their metrics. If numbers are down, they want to know why and why now. If numbers are up, they also want to know why.

So many solutions out there can point to what happened, but can’t tell the story of why. Ad Ops teams are forced to navigate cluttered platforms to find their own answers. Insights brings that depth of analysis for ad ops teams and has at-a-glance dashboards you can easily understand as a media executive getting pulled in every direction.

Aditude continues to bring our laser-focus on publishers and solve their hardest monetization problems. Everything we do is centered on driving incremental value for publishers. This new Insights platform showcases this deep commitment and we’re just getting started.”

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