July 24, 2024
4DDiG 2023 World Backup Day Sale is now on: Up to 30% OFF! 2
NEW YORK, N.Y., April 4, 2023 (PRESSRELEASE.CC NEWSWIRE) — Starting from March 21, 2023, Tenorshare 4DDiG, a well-known software provider, is launching the biggest World Backup Day Sales now. Both Mac users and Windows users are able to get a 30% off coupon to purchase 4DDiG data recovery software.
The best way to prevent data loss is to back up your data frequently. However, even if the data is accidentally lost, 4DDiG enables you to recover important data.

Tenorshare 4DDiG Data Recovery Solution
Image caption: World Backup Day Sales.

Why does 4DDiG offer this discount to users?

The CEO of 4DDiG once mentioned that, firstly, with the arrival of World Backup Day, 4DDiG always pays attention to increasing computer users’ awareness of data backup because the company believes that data loss can lead to serious consequences, such as significant business disruptions, financial losses, and legal issues.

Secondly, for the existing customers of 4DDiG, we are very grateful for their support over the years. Their existence shows that 4DDiG data recovery is always an efficient and effective way to recover important data. In addition to this, we believe that such a discount can also attract more new customers to try our data recovery software. They not only are able to recover essential data by using 4DDiG Data Recovery but also raise the awareness of backing up data.

Which 4DDiG products can I buy with this coupon?

As we mentioned before, this coupon is designed for the World Backup Day. So whether you are a Mac user or a Windows user, you are able to use this coupon to purchase the excellent data recovery tools—4DDiG data recovery. At the same time, other products of 4DDiG also have discount activities.

Why should I choose 4DDiG data recovery?

As a leading software provider, 4DDiG has helped countless computer users solve their troubles for many years, such as data loss, deleting duplicate files, repairing corrupted videos, and so on. It’s worth noting that the product that 4DDiG is most proud of is 4DDiG data recovery. Firstly, even if you don’t know much about the operation process of computer software, you can still use 4DDiG data recovery proficiently. Secondly, compared to other data recovery tools, 4DDiG data recovery not only enables you to recover data but also allows you to repair corrupted videos and photos.

What other products does 4DDiG have?

Besides the 4DDiG data recovery that we are most proud of, we will launch other great products. Surprisingly, these products can now also be purchased with a 30% discount:

4DDiG Duplicate File Deleter: Effortlessly detect and remove duplicate files in a chosen directory with various search criteria and delete them permanently or send to the Recycle Bin with a single click.

4DDiG Partition Manager: This Partition Manager resolves all disk issues by resizing, creating, deleting, formatting, and changing drive letters of partitions without data loss.


4DDiG Windows Boot Genius: Our Ultimate Windows Boot Up Solution Tools enable you to effortlessly auto-repair Windows issues, boot up unresponsive computers, reset local and domain passwords, recover data from unbootable hard disks, and efficiently manage partitions.

4DDiG File Repair: 4DDiG video repair has the ability to efficiently and effectively repair any corrupted video files, regardless of whether the damage occurred during shooting, recording, transferring, editing, converting, or processing. On the other hand, 4DDiG photo repair can effortlessly repair any damaged images and bring back their original clarity and vibrancy.

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